my name is kas
and i am deeply in love
with both arthur darvill
and karen gillan


skins S2

Anonymous whispered :
"Don't delete your blog! even if you can't post at the moment, that's no reason to delete it! we'll be here when you feel up to posting again :) <3"

aw thank you love<3 ill keep it in mind:)

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To anyone who noticed I havent been on so much:

I sorry but I’ve been going through some personal issues and I dont feel well enough to run this blog properly and I don’t want to bring anyone down with my mood. 

But hopefully I’ll be better in a few days, feel free to unfollow me for my absence, I understand. Will be back in a few days and again I’m sorry…

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Fangirl challenge: (2/10 Actresses) : Karen Gillan

"Well, that hair, those limbs, that surprising brain. It’s like she’s from another planet. She’s a true eccentric."  - Matt Smith



So I haven’t really done anything for my followers in a while, and since I love music more than anything in the world I thought this would be a fun way to share my love for music with my followers!

  • Must be following me (It is for my followers after all!)
  • Must reblog this post (you can like to bookmark, but only reblogs count as entries)
  • Post has to reach 20 notes or this never happened
  • Must have your ask box open
What you win:
  • I’ll pick one winner each week starting April 12th
  • I’ll either choose the music based off of your blog and your interests, or I can make a specific type if you prefer (only a certain genre, a fan mix, anything really)
  • I can either send the tape to you digitally or I can ship it to you (but this will take much more time)
  • I’ll pick my first winner next week 

Good luck! :)

Hey everyone just picked my first winner so I wanted to remind everyone this is still going on!!


anonymous requested || Amy/Rory/Doctor in yellow

(btw, I’m so sorry anon, I absolutely hate this graphic and I wanted to do something completely different, but my internet here in France is now terrible and loading sites of caps is a no go, so for the moment I’m giving you this, but another one is on its way <3)

you are not alone

it’s all about you. amy pond. mad, impossible, amy pond.

Make me choose meme: rosetylour asked New Earth or School Reunion

doctor. so lonely. so very very alone.

But this is what I get, my reward. Well it’s not fair!

dad, i’m 31.  i don’t have a christmas list.